Magnesium Flares

Amid a pristine and unheard confusion,
I again wake up to some new illusion…
Furious and anxious, carrying my weights,
But frantic attempts make me fail.
“Oh! What’s that?!” I question myself,
The azure sky looked like a continental shelf.
Half-baked with magnesium flares…soaked in tears and countless prayers.

“Heaven, Heaven!” I shout in dismay,
But find myself alone and astray!
Suddenly, I stumble! Have a great fall!
A soldier dead, horribly mauled!
His face marred beyond human-recognition,
His body without skin, in horrendous condition!
I sympathized with him and consoled me, for this is what happens in war…Nobody can help.
I move away, portending to be pragmatic,
I knew it was the Tricolor’s magic!

The sky turns dark and gloomy, clouds covered with haze…
Seems as if it’s a hysterical maze.
There stood a woman, a yard away!
The anger in her eyes, boiling like the heat of May!
She stood still, without motion,
Her heart dwelling in this acrid world’s commotion!
Staring into my eyes, her eyeballs inert!
Slaughtering of the soldier son still hurts!
But lethargically, she leaves my way…
To bear the arrays of torment at display!

The tempestuous winds start to blow.
Amid the thick fog, the clouds flow.
An eccentric fear creeps into me.
I look for an escape and try to flee.
Oh! Ill luck! Another sight!
A boy of five, his father was in fight,
Sitting beside his dead father, mute and dumb,
Body oddly-exposed, reticent and numb.
I place my hand on his head with solicitude, but he keeps sitting the same way, silent and glued!
I took the boy with me and moved away.

Suddenly, it starts to rain,
The crimson orange disappears and the grey paints the main.
I run with the boy to save him from the pouring flood,
The tree became our roof, our floor was the mud.
The kid was dizzy, on my lap he slept.
And when his snoring stopped, I realized…he was dead.

I woke up shouting, with tears sprawling all over my face, the worst nightmare, made my eyes glaze!
But this dream, I saw was perhaps true…
For this is the trauma of the war.
It leaves people in anguish, makes them the sufferers.

But I still hope and long to breathe in a world which is fair,
With an orange sky…but this time…without magnesium flares!


‘Women Empowerment’ OR Women and Empowerment?

I had to fetch some notes from my friend and as I was leaving, my father shouted, “It’s already six, get back before seven.” The other day when I wore my yellow colored ‘salwar kurta’, my mother told me to wear a ‘duppata’ so that I don’t look ‘indecent’.

After my personal project in class 8th, on the topic, ‘How I Empowered Myself as a Woman?‘ people have often questioned my ‘Theory of Equality’, I have been given the title of ‘Feminazi’. People have contradicted my theory, argued with me on it and the stereotypes have even disparaged me and judged me for the same.

Empowered women empower women.

But should I get intimidated? Should I fear? Should I be scared?

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The Situations!

We stood in front of each other but didn’t say a word,
For the reason that we were lost in our own world.
Silent and still, he looked at me…… if his level of patience had reached infinity.
I could read his forlorn,crestfallen eyes,
Eyes which once had visions and lived in illusions……………..
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