‘Women Empowerment’ OR Women and Empowerment?

I had to fetch some notes from my friend and as I was leaving, my father shouted, “It’s already six, get back before seven.” The other day when I wore my yellow colored ‘salwar kurta’, my mother told me to wear a ‘duppata’ so that I don’t look ‘indecent’.

After my personal project in class 8th, on the topic, ‘How I Empowered Myself as a Woman?‘ people have often questioned my ‘Theory of Equality’, I have been given the title of ‘Feminazi’. People have contradicted my theory, argued with me on it and the stereotypes have even disparaged me and judged me for the same.

Empowered women empower women.

But should I get intimidated? Should I fear? Should I be scared?

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Will our love too fade away?

Some day, when we will be far away…
Will our love too fade away?
Like the sun kissed flowers on the blossoming tree…
Like the chirping birds tempestuous and free…
Like the water falling from great heights…
Like the wounds of people dead in fights…
Like the leaf turning orange to blue…
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The Situations!

We stood in front of each other but didn’t say a word,
For the reason that we were lost in our own world.
Silent and still, he looked at me……..as if his level of patience had reached infinity.
I could read his forlorn,crestfallen eyes,
Eyes which once had visions and lived in illusions……………..
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